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Tyre Problems

Three main causes of tyre problems

Avoid Tyre Problems with Better Tyre Knowledge Road hazards like potholes, glass and nails and other objects are usually unavoidable. There are, however, three main causes of tyre problems that are avoidable: incorrect inflation pressure, speeding and overloading. Taking a…

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All Coast Tyre - Tyre Pressure Checks

Checking Tyre Pressures

Having correct inflation air pressure (PSI) in your tyres is important to maximize the life of your tyres and reduce fuel usage, but more importantly, it is important for your safety. Under or over inflated tyres can affect the way…

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All Coast Tyres - Dunlop Supercars

Supercar track records under threat!

  Web Version  |  Update preferences  |  Unsubscribe Like Forward IMAGES Dunlop's Supercars Operations Manager - Kevin Fitzsimons (click to download high res) Dunlop's Supercars Operations Manager - Kevin Fitzsimons with the new Sport Maxx race tyre (click to download high res)…

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Tyres Nambour Sunshine Coast

The best Tyres Nambour When you buy a new set of tyres, the assumption is that you automatically make your vehicle a little bit safer the moment they replace the old ones. It’s a well-known fact that riding on worn…

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Why Choose Us-Post

We will… · Premium wheel balance all of your tyres. · Double inflate your new tyres. · Clean and buff the mounting face of all wheels and hubs. · Tighten wheels to the correct tension with tension wrench for your…

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