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Goodyear Auto Care - Car Servicing Log Book Servicing

With COVID-19, you may be wondering if tyre and car service shops are still open? The answer is yes, we are still open; tyre and car service stores are not among those forced to close.

While some people are travelling less due to current travel restrictions, others still need their vehicles maintained and running. Come and visit us at All Coast Tyre Solutions Yandina & All Coast Goodyear Autocare Maroochydore. We are happy to help you with whatever your needs are. We offer a variety of services including log book service, car servicing, fleet tyre servicing and management, mobile tyre fitting, tyre repair-like repairing punctures, wheel alignment, mag wheels and rims, mechanical repairs, computer diagnostics, brake repairs, and batteries.

Keeping Your Car And Tyres In Good Shape Is Important

There are a couple of good reasons why it is important to make sure that your tyres and car are in good shape and that there is nothing that needs to be fixed/repaired. 


Your safety is extremely important, and to make sure you stay safe, you have to make sure that your vehicle is in good shape. Never wait to take care of things that need to be repaired for your car because you do not want something to happen to you or someone else because of something that you didn’t take care of in time for your vehicle. Remember that although you may not be driving as far or often during this time of dealing with COVID-19, it is still important to look after your vehicle. At All Coast our wonderful staff are ready to help you with whatever your needs are to make sure that your vehicle is safe for when you drive it.

Helps To Make Your Car Last Longer

Good maintenance ensures that your vehicle lasts longer. It’s crucial to have it checked and serviced regularly. This way you can make sure that everything is working properly, and that your car will be working when you need it (even if that’s not right now!).. 

A written maintenance record (such as log book servicing) which is also required for warranty issues, will serve you well with your car’s added value when it comes time to sell. 

Some other reasons why repairing your vehicle and getting it serviced regularly are important include that it can increase vehicle performance, it helps to ensure fuel efficiency, it can lower the cost of operation, etc.

While we know that travel is currently restricted to local areas meaning that you are not supposed to leave town, you can still travel for essential reasons. We want you to know that tyre and car service shops are still open and that you should be making sure that you are taking care of your car and tyres during this time. 

If you need one of our services, then don’t hesitate to come to our store. You can reach us by email at sales@allcoasttyres.com.au or by phone. We have two different phone numbers. For the Yandina store, the number is 07 5458 4802, and for the Maroochydore store, the number is 07 5313 4955. At All Coast Tyre Solutions & Goodyear Autocare we are still open. Even during COVID-19, we are still here and ready to help you with whatever your needs are.

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