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Claytons Towing - Fleet Tyre Management

Tips to maximise tyre life for fleet vehicles and reduce cost – Fleet Tyre Management 

Small to medium fleet owners of cars, 4wd, light truck, vans, buses and heavy trucks should be aware of how to save on cost and how to get the most out of their tyres. Not only getting the maximum kilometres but fuel saving and man hours down time. With correct tyre selection, maintained tyre pressures and rotations can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Here are a couple of tips and recommendations that you need to know about fleet tyre management

  1. Tyre pressures should be checked monthly.
  2. You need to rotate your tyres regularly. Car, SUV and 4WD need to have a rotation wheel alignment and balance every 10,000km. By doing this you will maximise the life of the tyre and have a more comfortable, safer driving experience.
  3. When it comes to your commercial tyre on your light trucks, vans, buses and heavy trucks it is recommended that you need to rotate tyres at 25%, 50% and 75% of the expected life of the tyres. What that means is if the life expectancy  of the tyres are say 120,000 km you need to rotate steer and drive tyres at 30,000km 60,000km and 90,000kms. When you manage your fleet’s tyres this way you can see up to a 25 % increase in tyre life.

What to look for;

  1. A wheel alignment check at each rotation is recommended along with wheel balance and tyre pressure adjustment, this will ensure the best results in kilometres, along with better driver comfort and driver safety. This is extremely important when you or your team are doing a lot driving.
  2. When selecting a tyre supplier here is what you should be looking for, regular reporting and accurate record keeping, this will ensure that you are getting the highest level of tyre performance, driver comfort and best cost per kilometre from your tyres. If you are not getting this level of service you may be tearing up your money.
  3. If you have a fleet of 4 or more you should be receiving free pickup and delivery service on the coast as part of your ongoing service. The biggest benefit of this is you don’t have your team sitting around waiting for the vehicle to have tyres changed or in some cases a second team member having to go pick them up. This all costs time and adds to the overall cost to your business.

Why Chooses All Coast Tyre Solutions?

We will…

  • Give you the right advice to meet your driving needs
  • Give you the right price and product to meet your budget.
  • Look after your vehicle with care and always fit seat covers to protect your car.
  • Premium wheel balance all your tyres.
  • Double inflate your new tyres.
  • Clean and buff the mounting face of all wheels and hubs.
  • Only Tighten your wheel’s nuts buy hand with a tension wrench, to the correct manufacturer’s specifications, for your ultimate safety. We don’t use ‘impact guns’, air or electric, to do up your wheel nuts. This gives you peace of mind that your wheels will not fall off and when it comes to change a flat tyre on the side of the road you will be able undo the wheel nuts.
  • Repair punctures to Australian Standards and beyond for you and your family’s safety.
  • Cross check and double check each Team Members work.
  • Keep true accurate records of when your tyres are fitted and serviced.
  • Maintain consistency in our work standard.

For more information on how we can assist you when it come to your fleet tyre management, please  contact us .

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