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ALL COAST TYRES - Yandina - Maroochydore - Wheel Alignments

Tyres not wearing evenly ... bring them for an Alignment and Balance



At our Yandina Commercial store location we have a 6 tonne hoist which has increased our Wheel Alignment capabilities.

Not only do we specialise in passenger vehicles including SUV’s & 4WD’s at both Maroochydore and Yandina; we are also fully capable to cater for all vehicles at our Yandina workshop.

We are now more efficient when it comes to large vehicles such as;

  • F- Trucks,
  • Dodge Rams
  • Toyota Tundra’s Decked out 4WD’s
  • Light trucks up to 6 Tonnes
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinters
  • Toyota Coasters
  • Motor homes (Dependent on height)

As our Yandina store also specialize in all Commercial tyre’s we can also arrange Wheel Alignments for Large trucks, Caravans and buses.

Give our team a call today!

All Coast Tyres - Wheel Alignments Sunshine Coast

When should your vehicle have a wheel alignment?

  • When New Tyres are fitted
  • When any component of your front or rear suspension have been replaced
  • When your vehicle has hit anything like a kerb, large pothole etc.
  • At regular intervals throughout your tyres life. All Coast Tyre Solutions recommends every 10,000 to 20,000 kilometres depending on the roads you drive on and how many kilometres you do a year

What Vehicles do we Work on?

  • Cars & Utes
  • 4WD’s & SUV’s
  • Some Light Truck
  • Some smaller Buses
  • We can arrange to have our preferred Service Suppliers check and adjust Truck and Bus Alignments
All Coast Tyres - Wheel Alignments Sunshine Coast

What is a Wheel Alignment?

There are 2 types of wheel alignment. Front Wheel Thrust Alignment.

We can only adjust the front of your car or 4WD and when your car or 4WD has rear adjustment we can do a front and rear alignment.

When you have new tyres fitted or if you vehicle is not driving straight down the road and not easy to drive.

We guarantee our work so that your vehicle will drive straight and the tyres will wear evenly.

Ideally, your alignment should be done and checked every 10,000km to ensure that you get the best mileage out of your tyres.

A poorly aligned tyre will scrub and money will be wasted.

Wheel alignments are usually performed after a tyre fitting and wheel balance.

  • All motor vehicle front suspension and steering, and many modern vehicles rear suspension, have adjustable components.
    These components need to be with certain specifications for your vehicle’s tyres to correctly contact the road surface
  • Keeping your tyres balanced will ensure that specifications are within the Manufacturers specifications.
  • Incorrect alignment will cause your tyres to scrub against the road surface, promoting uneven and rapid tyre wear.
    The vehicle may also pull in one direction, be difficult to steer and cause higher fuel consumption.


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