Wednesday 11 October 2023

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Life as a mobile tyre mechanic in the diverse Sunshine Coast region is never dull. With service areas that span from the craziness of Maroochydore in the mornings and Kawana at school time to the more peaceful slopes of Montville and Maleny, each day is a unique experience. Here's an insight into a typical workday.

Morning Routine

6:30 AM – Rise and Shine
The morning begins with a steaming cup of coffee and a scan of the day's agenda. Different makes and models like Commodores, Cruisers, and Hyundai’s dot the schedule. My van is stocked the night before to ensure it’s equipped to handle the wide variety of vehicles found in Australia.

7:30 AM – Briefing and Inventory Check
A morning call to the office helps align the team and checks the day's appointments. Here, logistics are crucial; this allows for careful planning and better time management. That way, we get to see more people and get the jobs done faster.

8:00 AM – First Stop, Coolum
The day starts in Coolum with a tyre replacement for a Mitsubishi Pajero. So many own 4WDs these days, and ensuring these vehicles are roadworthy is our top priority.

Mid-Morning Ventures

10:30 AM – Maroochydore Awaits
Maroochydore is next on the list, with a Toyota Corolla requiring a wheel alignment. It’s still a popular car because of its reliability. Given the proximity of locations, planning efficient routes is crucial.

12:00 PM – A Quick Refuel
Lunch is typically a sandwich or some takeaway, often enjoyed with a view of the ocean if the schedule allows.

Early Afternoon

1:00 PM – A Detour to Maleny
Our services also extend to the hinterland. Today, there’s a puncture repair for a Subaru Outback in Maleny. The quietness contrasts with the hustle and bustle of coastal areas, but the work demands are no less rigorous.

Late Afternoon Calls

2:30 PM – Nambour’s Needs
Heading down the mountain to Nambour, it's a tyre rotation for a Ford Focus. She could have come to the store, but our service extends to wherever it’s needed. The vehicle is popular among younger drivers, and ensuring optimal tyre wear is crucial for safety.

3:30 PM – Concluding in Kawana
Our last appointment for the day is in Kawana, for a Hyundai i30 requiring a set of new tyres. You’ve got to wonder these days why the new estates have such small roads! We get a lot of calls from the Kawana area, with a broad mix of cars, from family SUVs to compact sedans.

Wrapping Up

4:00 PM – Back to Base
Once the last job is done, it’s back to the base for inventory checks and restocking for tomorrow. Used tyres are prepared for recycling, and the van gets a quick clean-up.

4:30 PM – Signing Off
After a fulfilling day of crisscrossing the Sunshine Coast, from Coolum to Kawana and the hinterland spots like Maleny and Nambour, it’s time to sign off.

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