At All Coast Tyre Solutions Yandina and All Coast Goodyear Autocare Maroochydore we sell and stock a large range of tyres for your SUV.

As we are both a Dunlop Super Dealer & a Goodyear Autocare, we have access to the best prices on the Sunshine Coast for Goodyear & Dunlop products.

Not only do we stock Goodyear & Dunlop tyres, but we also have a large range of other brands to suit your budget and driving style.

Just some of the other tyre brands we stock;

  • Maxxis
  • Kumho
  • Michelin
  • Ovation
  • Maxtrek
  • Hankook
  • Pirelli
  • Federal
  • Mastercraft
  • Bridgestone

Our All Coast tyre experts will discuss with you the type of driving that you do so we can give you the best advice on which tyre suits your needs best. SUV’s have different drivetrain configurations from being All Wheel Drive (AWD), 4WD or Part-time 4WD. These differences can effect the tyres you choose.

Here are just some of the questions our team may ask you;

  • How many kilometers per year does your car do?
  • Local town driving or Highway driving ?
  • Planning any long trips in your vehicle?
  • Who drives the vehicle? Partner, Learner Drivers, Provisional Drivers?
  • What is the vehicle used for ? Family, Courier, Work?

If your SUV only travels locally achieving less then 5,000 km per year, perhaps a performance tyre isn’t best suited to your needs, let us quote you on a tyre that will meet you budget and driving style. Perhaps your SUV is the family vehicle, generally does the School drop off and pick up, you want a Tyre that will aid in keeping your family safe on road – Let us give you our recommendations on what tyres we see perform best.

Our Difference is your Safety

Premium Wheel Balancing  
Our team take pride in ensuring we get the little things right, such as performing a static & dynamic wheel balance of your tyre and rim assembly. A static and dyanmic balance give a more accurate balance reading to ensure your tyres wear evenly.

Wheel nuts tightened by hand
As any body who has tried to change a tyre on the side of the road knows, when the nuts are done up too tight its not an easy task.
At All Coast our team tighten the wheel nuts by hand and then torque (tighten) them to the manufacturer’s specifications, we then always cross check each team members work.

Double Inflate your Tyres
To ensure that your tyre fits correctly on the rim we have a process to double inflate your new tyre.
This provides a quality seal between the tyre and the rim to prevent any potential time consuming and costly bead leaks.

Sealed metal valve caps
When it comes to safety we will also upgrade your plastic valve caps to Sealed Metal Valve caps.
By doing this it prides better protection to the valve from dust and damage, along with ensuring a better seal it the valve begins to leak

Tyre Repairs
The dreaded puncture repair, often there is not way to avoid them. At All Coast we will repair punctures to Australian Standards and beyond for you & your families ultimate safety.

FREE Tyre Maintenance Service
After purchasing your Passenger, SUV or 4WD tyres from All Coast, we will set you up with a text message reminder to get your vehicle back in for a 5000km tyre check where we will perform a FREE Rotation & Balance of your tyres. At every 10,000km we will have offer a FREE Rotate & Balance with a discounted wheel alignment for the life of the tyres. We want to ensure you get the most out of your new tyres, by regularly maintaining your tyres we typically see a 20% increase of tyre life.

At All Coast Tyres our sales team will help you choose from the wide variety of brands of tyres.

Tell us about your driving needs and we will select the brand and tyre for you.

If your drive is a work commute car or just to do the kids pick up or needing some thing to suit an unexpected cost and needing tyres on a budget – we can sort you out!

If you have a performance car that needs that extra grip from your tyres – we can get you the tyres with the traction you need!

If your driving the work vehicle and doing high kilometers – we can get you sorted with something safe that will give you some life out of your tyres

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