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With over a year under our belts, we’re confident to be able to call it; our Mobile Tyre Fitting Service on the Sunshine Coast is a hit.

DIY Brake Maintenance Tips and When to Call the Professionals

Owning and running a car can be expensive, so a thing you can do to save yourself a few dollars on your auto is something you should definitely be into. That is why more of us should be taking the time to learn some basic vehicle maintenance.

Hands holding diagnostic tablet in front of streeting wheel.

Driving Safely this Summer

Summer brings with it the promise of road trips, scenic drives and fun-filled days out; but heat waves can wreak havoc with your vehicle if not adequately prepared. Don't let the sun spoil the fun; arm yourself instead with our comprehensive guide to driving safely this summer.

Is it Time for a Brake Check?

Your car's brakes don't speak, but they still know how to communicate. If you notice strange noises or unusual vibrations in the pedal area, it might be time for an inspection!

Merry Christmas from All Coast Tyres!

As the Christmas season draws near, we at All Coast Tyres, with our hearts full of joy and gratitude, would like to extend our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Essential Safety Tips for Your Summer Holiday

Summer is here, and that means holidays are near. You may be looking forward to a long drive, but is your car ready to go? Check out our check list and be sure of a stress-free holiday.

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A Day in the Life of a Mobile Tyre Mechanic at All Coast Tyres

Serving the Sunshine Coast Region: From Nosa to Caloundra and Everywhere in Between

Tyre and Puncture Repairs

Tyre Repairs - Puncture Repairs

Reliable tyre and puncture repairs are essential for driving comfort, safety, and fuel efficiency. Learn about the benefits of working with All Coast Tyres in this guide.

Not Just Car Tyres

All Coast Tyres is your choice for tyre replacements for all kinds of vehicles on the Sunshine Coast, as well as servicing and mechanical.

When Should We Change Our Tyres?

When your car is running well, it is easy to overlook your tyres and forget to check them. But neglecting your tyres can have serious consequences and put your safety at risk when driving.

Your One-Stop-Shop for all wheel-related services

At All Coast Tyre Solutions, we’re offering more than just tyre replacements and repairs - we can provide repairs and replacements for your wheels and rims, too!

Understanding The Age Of Your Tyres

Determining the age of your tyres can be challenging, but it's essential to maintain optimal performance and ensure your safety on the road.