Our team at All Coast Tyre Solutions Yandina & All Coast Goodyear Autocare Maroochydore, have a long history of supplying and using 4WD tyres. We will give you great, reliable advice on what tyres will suit your vehicle, your application and driving style.

Finding the right 4WD tyres can be challenge, whether it for a work vehicle going on or off job sites or extreme 4×4 off road, we will help you mke the right choice. Luckily, we stock a huge range of tyre brands to suit your budget and application from the classic 70% on road & 30% off road All Terrain tyres right through to the aggressive Mud Terrain tyre, 50% on road 50% off road tyres.

Modern all terrain tyres have the hardest life of any tyre in the spectrum, and are responsible for a seemingly impossible task. They need to perform in arduous off-road conditions as well as maintain respectable on-road manners and tread wear rates. All terrain tyre owners want to be able to drop the kids off to school on a Monday and head away camping or four-wheel driving on the weekend.

We love the extreme 4×4 enthusiasts come through with all the bells and whistles looking for a tyre to great the job done in the mud on the weekend or simply preparing for trip up the cape.

No matter you application we will have the 4WD tyre Solution for you.

Our Difference is your Safety

The professional sales team at ALL COAST TYRES can discuss your driving requirements to ensure that you have the right tyre for what you are doing.

Our team will ascertain the “aggressiveness” of the tread that you will need to safely & efficiently get where you are going.

We understand the features of the tyres and how they apply to your requirements.

A few key questions to consider when selecting your lastest 4WD tyre investment;

  1. Do you want a quiet ride?
  2. Will the vehicle be towing – Perhaps you need a tyre with a light truck construction
  3. Where are you travelling to?
  4. How aggressive do i need the tread to be ?
  5. Are you needing grip for on road driving ?
  6. Are you wanting high mileage ?
  7. Want to increase your tyre size – Will it be legal ?

Whether you know the answer to these questions or want to discuss your best options, let our team ascertain which style of tyre suits you and your vehicle best.

Give us a call today!



Take a closer look at the sidewall of the tyres fitted you your vehicle. You may notice more than the size or manufacturer’s name stamped there. In the case of American made tyres, they must meet Uniform Tyre Quality Grading (UTQG) before being deemed fit for road use.What this covers is the tread, traction and temperature grades.


The higher the number stamped here on the tyre’s sidewall, the longer they should last. Tyres are tested under controlled situations, and once they have driven a total of 11,520km, average is determined and the tyre can be graded accordingly.


Traction is graded from highest to lowest. With AA being the tyre with the most ability to stop quickly on a wet surface, down to C.


Tyres get hot when in use, which is why having them temperature rated makes plenty of sense. As a result, tyre temperature grades are rated from highest to lowest with A being able to take more heat than a C grade tyre.