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Having your wheels Balanced and your vehicle properly aligned is important not only to the longevity of your tyres but also for the comfort and safety of the driver and performance of the vehicle.

At All Coast Tyre Solutions & All Coast Goodyear Autocare we perform a premium static and dynamic wheel balance on all passenger, SUV, 4WD and Truck tyre and wheel assemblies.

Unbalanced tyres

  • Uncomfortable vibration through vehicle
  • Aid in driver fatigue
  • Cause premature tyre wear
  • Aid in vehicle premature suspension wear

When should tyres be balanced ?

  • When first fitted to the rim
  • When removed from the from after a repair
  • At the first sign of vibration or shimmy
  • At least every 10,000km
All Coast Tyres - Fleet Tyre Management - Sunshine Coast

Static & Dynamic Balance

At All Coast, we perform a static and dynamic balance on all wheel & tyre assemblies for on road use vehicles.

A static balance refers to balancing a stationary object, when the object center gravity is on the axis of rotation. This allows us to identify and ‘heavy spots’  in the assembly.

A Dynamic balance is the ability of an object to balance whilst in motion. Once your wheel has been statically balanced putting the counter weight on one side of the wheel, the weight creates a dynamic imbalance once the wheel is spinning causing a side to side shimmy. The Dynamic balance will counter act this shimmy by distributing the weight across the wheel and tyre assembly evenly.

Balancing your tyres helps the rotating bodies avoid vibrations. To correct any imbalances, our tyre technicians attach either clip on wheel weights or stick on wheel weights. We use different types of weights to accommodate the variety of wheel types, wheel covers and to ensure the assembly is balanced correctly.

Our team have access to two balancing machines for passenger, SUV and 4×4 vehicles at each store the location, Yandina & Maroochydore.

Our Yandina store has a Road force balancing machine for all truck tyre & wheel assemblies requiring balancing, such as truck steer tyres. The Road force tyre balance machine uses a load-roller to mimic the force of the road and gather the combined uniformity of a wheel and tyre assembly. The balance will measure the force variation and run out of the whole assembly, delivering an optimal balance for large machinery.

Flange Plates

In addition to performing static and dynamic wheel balances, our team also use flange plate adapters.

Flange plate adapters allows the wheel to be centered on the wheel balancing machines to mirror image mount the way the wheel is mounted to the vehicles stud & hub assembly .

Not only does the flange plate provide protection to the wheels out surface by applying clamping pressure from the balance to the stud holes of the wheel, but also ensures the best balance for ride comfort and optimal tyre wear.


Mobile Balancing (Commercial)

One of our commercial service trucks have been fitted with one of latest balancing machines on the market. We are able to fit and balance truck tyres, on site or road side. Check out our Fleet management page for more information on how we can performance static and dynamic balances onsite.

All Coast Tyres - Fleet Tyre Management - Sunshine Coast
All Coast Tyres - Fleet Tyre Management - Sunshine Coast
All Coast Tyres - Fleet Tyre Management - Sunshine Coast