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Aside from Tyres, Brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. Your braking systems should be checked by a qualified technician at every tyre or engine service to ensure the safety of yourself, family and other road users.

By definition Brakes are a mechanical device which obstructs motion or movement by absorbing energy from a moving mechanism. Brakes are used to slow or stop a moving wheel, axel or vehicle by creating friction.

Have you experienced any of the following?

• Takes longer for your car to stop
• Hear a screech or squealing noise coming from your vehicle
• Shudder or shaking in your steering wheel
• Vehicle loses grip or control when braking in all conditions
• Vehicle pulls left or right when braking
• Brake pedal is stiff or loose

At All Coast Tyre & Mechanical Solutions Maroochydore, Brake servicing includes;

• Inspection of disc’s & drum shoe wear levels

• Replacement of front and rear brake pads
• Brake fluid inspection and replacement
• Check over all braking system components
• Disc rotor machining
• Road test to ensure ultimate safety

Let our qualified mechanical team inspect your brakes today to ensure you, your family and other road users are safe on our Sunshine Coast roads

For more information and a quote, Contact our Maroochydore based team on 07 5313 4955

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