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fb image1. Driving conditions – Tyre Tips

Driving conditions can determine which tread pattern and tyre is most suited to your vehicle. Different tread patterns and tyre construction are made for different road conditions. By being able to define the conditions your vehicle will be driving in, your tyre dealer will be able to provide you with the correct tyre to suit your driving needs and budget.

2. Tyres currently on vehicle 

Tyre Tips – Ideally, if the tyre on your vehicle is suited to the condition the vehicle is operated in you should aim to stick with the same tyre or a tyre of similar construction. Different tread patterns may change the road noise in your vehicle. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the tyre is of lesser quality, it just simply means the tyre tread is making a different noise on the ground.

3. Price

Price is often a big factor when purchasing a new tyre. Because too often people prefer to aim for the cheaper options without being educated about the different factors which come into play with tyre quality. When changing brands based on price we suggest you ask your tyre sales person for different options based on your budget. We also suggest asking them to explain the benefits and features between the different prices, as a tyre which may cost slightly more may last a lot longer and give you better braking, better wet weather handling and better value for money.

4. Load and speed rating to meet ADR specification (Australian Design Rules)

This is a legal requirement to keep the vehicle roadworthy. Every trusted tyre dealer must ensure that all the tyres they sell will either meet or exceed the ADR specification. Your vehicle is illegal if you don’t have the correct tyres fitted. This may affect your insurance if you have an accident as the vehicle could be un-roadworthy.

The load and speed rating can be found on the tyre placard which is located on the inner section of the driver’s door or in a number of different places depending on the make of your vehicle. If you cannot find it ask the tyre salesperson where it might be. Different makes and models will have different load and speed ratings. It is the tyre dealer’s duty of care to ensure that all tyres have the correct load and speed rating depending on your vehicle model/make and that they meet ADR specifications.

 5. Choosing the Right Tyre Dealer.

If you think it’s time to replace your tyres, we suggest you ask questions based on your driving conditions, and budget, to ensure that you receive the best all-round quality tyre to meet your needs.

When choosing the right tyre, it is always a good idea to think about who will be driving and travelling in the vehicle. We all want to protect our families and loved ones. Not only should you consider cost and what kilometres you will get out of the tyre but the major benefits the tyre will give you. Such as, are your tyres the best in an emergency.

  • Are they the best tyre for braking?
  • How do they handle in wet weather?
  • What is their handling performance?

Therefore, most drivers usually can’t pick the difference from a budget tyre to a performance tyre. It’s not until you have emergency braking or need to make a sudden lane change. This is where the performance of the tyre stands out.

Call All Coast Tyre Solutions Yandina and Maroochydore. Our sales team are trained to ask you the right question.

Why Chooses All Coast Tyre Solutions?

We will…

  • Give you the right advice to meet your driving needs
  • Give you the right price and product to meet your budget.
  • Look after your vehicle with care and always fit seat covers to protect your car.
  • Premium wheel balance all your tyres.
  • Double inflate your new tyres.
  • Clean and buff the mounting face of all wheels and hubs.
  • Only Tighten your wheel’s nuts buy hand with a tension wrench, to the correct manufacturer’s specifications, for your ultimate safety. We don’t use ‘impact guns’, air or electric, to do up your wheel nuts. This gives you peace of mind that your wheels will not fall off and when it comes to change a flat tyre on the side of the road you will be able undo the wheel nuts.
  • Repair punctures to Australian Standards and beyond for you and your family’s safety.
  • Cross check and double check each Team Members work.
  • Keep true accurate records of when your tyres are fitted and serviced.
  • Maintain consistency in our work standard.

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