Monday 22 February 2016

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When you decide to buy a new set of tyres, the assumption is that you automatically make your vehicle a little bit safer the moment they replace the old ones. It’s a well-known fact that riding on worn out tyres can be incredibly dangerous. But what about new tyres that are in fact old?. The truth of the matter is that you probably don’t check to see how old the tyres you buy are. As it would be assumed that since you maybe buying them new, they must not be that old. Check out the tyres nambour range. We have stock for any vehicle (car, trailer, bus, truck and more). This may in fact not be the case, as some stores may be sitting on stock that has been in their building for months, or perhaps even years.

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Last year, a Sunshine Coast man was out enjoying a quiet drive, with his new tyres installed, when he heard a loud bang from under the vehicle. The loud noise was followed by steering and brake issues that eventually led to him losing control of his van. The driver was fortunate that no other vehicles were on the road at the time of the incident. Otherwise he may not have been around to tell his story. After inspecting the van, he found that the front tyre, which he believed to be new, had completely lost its tread. A representative from the RACQ also performed an inspection. The inspector informed driver that the tyres that were believed to be brand new were actually manufactured in 2008. Therefore the tyre had deteriorated while in use due to tyre ageing.


Tyre Identification Number

A spokesperson for the RACQ explained that there is actually a pretty easy way to check the age of any tyre you plan on putting on your vehicle. All you need to do is find the Tyre Identification Number. Clearly displayed on the sidewall of the tyre. That serial number always ends in four digits, with those number used to identify the year of manufacture. The numbers show the week and the year that the tyre was made, making it easy for you to figure out just how old any tyre is.

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