Tyre Details

The Rugged Trek is the perfect mix between family SUV tyre and off-road adventure tyre. This all-rounder will travel quietly on-road, hold grip in the wet and corner nicely on highways and mountain roads.

Key Features

  • RUGGED SHOULDER PROTECTION - Provides a strong assertive look while delivering improved soft surface traction and increased sidewall protection. The shoulders are not only distinctive; they protect the upper sidewall from damage with 2 different designs to choose from (Knife-Edge Style or Mountain Pass Style).
  • EARTH DIGGERS - Large shoulder scoops and lugs combine to forcefully dig into dirt, sand and mud for enhanced traction.
  • STABLE TRAC TECHNOLOGY - Omni-directional micro-gauge siping enhances traction on wet roads and rough surfaces, improving stability and control.
  • HIGH TENSILE PLY - Cooper’s high strength, High Tensile Body Ply is 20% stronger than most other brands, giving you enhanced resistance to rock cuts and impact damage when driving off-road.
  • STONE BLOCKADES - Jutting ridges expel lodged stones and protect against sharp rocks.
  • WHISPER GROOVE SHIELDS - Provides a sound barrier that inhibits tyre noise for a quieter ride by reducing the noise created within the tyre cavity.
  • ADVANCED SILICA COMPOUND - Formulated with the optimum content of chemically-coupled silica. This provides excellent wet traction and highway handling while lowering rolling resistance, for more grip and better fuel efficiency.

Performance Category: Off Road 4wd

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Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodePrice
LTLT265/70R17 121Q121Q E Call for best price
LTLT285/70R17 121Q121Q E Call for best price
265/60R18 114T114T XL Call for best price
265/65R18 116T116T XL Call for best price
LTLT275/65R18 123Q123Q E Call for best price
LTLT275/70R18 125Q125Q E Call for best price
35x12.5R20LT 125QLT125Q F Call for best price
265/50R20 111T111T XL Call for best price
LTLT265/60R20 121Q121Q 10 Ply Call for best price
275/55R20 117T117T XL Call for best price
275/60R20 115T115T Call for best price
LTLT275/65R20 126Q126Q E Call for best price
LTLT285/55R20 122Q122Q E Call for best price
LTLT305/55R20 125Q125Q F Call for best price
285/45R22 114T114T XL Call for best price