Friday 28 July 2023

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Here at All Coast Tyre Solutions, we don’t just aim to provide our customers with tyre services - we want to be your one-stop shop for all of your wheel-related issues. It’s not convenient if you’re having to get your services from all over the place, especially when it comes to important issues such as your wheels, which is why our services are extended to Alloy, Mag, and Steel wheels for almost any vehicle you can bring in.

We understand that all of our customers have different needs, too, so no matter what vehicle you bring in, we aim to have a range of different options available to you when you come to get your wheels serviced. Whether you’re looking for new tyres, your wheels need repairing, or you’re looking for complete replacements. We have access to a wide range of different suppliers, making it easy for us to get our hands on just the right thing for any client.

Our suppliers

King Wheels

One of the suppliers we can get your wheels from is King Wheels, an Australian-owned manufacturer with a very wide selection of high-quality alloy and steel wheel options.

Dynamic Wheel Co.

If King Wheels haven’t got what you’re looking for, that’s just the beginning of our list of suppliers. Dynamic Wheel Co. aim to offer wheel options to customers of all types, over a range of different vehicle brands. Whether you’re bringing in a Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, or otherwise - there’s likely a wheel option for you to choose from that will fit your vehicle perfectly.

Roh Wheels

Roh Wheels are one of Australia’s most respected wheel and rims manufacturers, promising quality in style, performance, and innovation. Whether you’re looking for off-road wheels, street wheels, or anything in between - there’s likely something in their selection that you’ll find makes a great replacement for your damaged wheels.

Gecko Wheels

If you’re looking for wheel repairs and replacement specifically for 4x4s, trailers, or campervans - then Gecko Wheels have exactly what you need. An Australian-owned company offering quality steel and alloy options to all clients looking to replace the wheels on their 4x4s, trailers and similar. With a large range of styles and sizes, there’s not much room for mistakes.

Allied Wheels

When you’re looking for off-road vehicle services, it can be difficult to find the right wheels just for you. Allied Wheels are an off-road specialist supplier, with their main focus on off-road, 4x4 wheel options - they’re a great choice for off-road drivers looking for quality and great fitting alloys.

Speedy Wheels

With a focus on handling all of Australia’s driving conditions, you’ll find that there’s plenty of variety that could perfectly suit your driving needs with Speedy Wheels’ selection. From off-road to passenger options, there’s plenty to choose from, and something to fit everyone’s needs.

Infinity Wheels

Infinity Wheels put focus on promising their customers long-lasting wheels, so if you’re looking to make sure you get quality and want steel or alloy wheels that are tough and designed for Australia’s conditions - Infinity Wheels are promising just that.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late

If your wheels or rims are damaged, it puts your vehicle in a lot of danger. Not only is it risking further damage to your vehicle, but you’re also unsafe to drive in those conditions. Whether it’s your tyres, your wheels, or your rims, we can provide your vehicle with full service and have you ready to get back on the road in no time with the wheels of your choice.

Search by Vehicle

If you’re unsure what selections are available to you, we’ve made it easy for all of our customers to locate exactly which wheels are available to them. On our site, you can narrow it down to the exact model of your car, and from there you can get a list of every single option that will make a great fit for your vehicle.

It doesn’t stop there, however, as you can even get a preview of how it would look when it’s installed. Whether that’s by changing the colour, to get a more accurate comparison to your own vehicle, the size of the wheel, or the suspension. It’s all ready for you to make use of, and will give you an accurate idea of what you’re getting when you choose any of the wheels available.